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Video Marketing as a Value Proposition for Resellers


Tired of hearing "No" because you’re one of a number of Amazon resellers out there already offering Value Propositions? Here's how you can help brand owners and get more of them to say "Yes" to doing business with you at better profit margins!

These days, people are far more interested in watching video than reading articles (like this one) or even looking at the highest quality pictures! Here’s how you can use video to the benefit of both you and the suppliers you want to work with:

If you're a good reseller who cares about the people and companies you sell products for, then you know how important it is to help them.

Just buying their products and reselling them on Amazon is what gives resellers a bad name. These days, being a reseller should mean far more than that. If you invest in their business, they'll invest in yours.

But how can you go above and beyond what other resellers are already doing? There are a number of ways that you may have already heard about.

You can optimize their Amazon listings and improve their ranking. You can run PPC campaigns to increase their sales. You can help them with their website.

But Video Marketing is an underused and powerful method which will have a greater effect on gaining customer attention and increasing your sales. Search engines love videos, and so do Amazon listings, giving you a big boost in ranking and making you look better to prospective customers!

5 of the top ways to leverage video marketing

  • Your reselling company - use videos to impress prospective suppliers
  • Your private label brand - Advertise to increase your own brand awareness
  • Your products for greater optimization on Amazon - Increase the optimization of your listings to sell more
  • Provide videos to your brand owners / clients to earn exclusive agreements - Use videos as a Value Added Proposition that few resellers offer!
  • Use on YouTube, Facebook, your website - Add logo stings, short ads, long video content to support your existing customers and earn new customers by impressing them!