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Why Should I Drink Matcha Tea?

Because of its healthy properties, Japanese matcha tea is one of the biggest nutrition trends of the past decade. Even compared to other healthy teas and power drinks, matcha wins the contest hands-down. When you drink Matcha, you're not just drinking steeped water. You're consuming the whole tea leaf, stone ground. The health benefits are enormous!

Comparing different high-grade teas is like giving an opinion on fine art or music; different people like different things. But once you try matcha tea, coffee won't be a necessity anymore. The sense of well-being and the long lasting energy from matcha's different type of caffeine make fans of many people.

When you first taste matcha tea, you may find that much like fine wine, matcha tea takes a bit of getting used to. But it's perfectly normal to add milk or sweeteners, especially the first time around. Matcha frappuccinos are enormously popular, having many layers of subtle flavor, aftertaste, and aroma.

Also keep in mind that there is a large variety within the spectrum of matcha teas, especially between the ceremonial and culinary grades. Some sellers have begun offering a mid-grade version also. But once you've found a great balance between cost and taste, you'll be set to enjoy a drink that's enormously healthy for you!

The matcha that I'm offering in this subscription box is the best of the brands that I have bought and sampled so far. It has a more pleasant aroma, and the taste is lighter and less bitter for those new to matcha.

Don't make the same mistake that I did on my first cup of matcha and use too much matcha powder! Follow the general guidelines for preparing matcha and enjoy the benefits! Read this article for instructions.

I felt no shame for needing to add honey and milk my first time! But the general taste and the increased energy made it well worth it! After adjusting the measurements to my own taste (I still sometimes add sweetness when the mood strikes), I'm very happy drinking the matcha that I'm offering to you in this subscription box!